Thursday, December 18, 2014

Books by Prof. B Arunachalam

Prof B. Arunachalam was a prolific writer. He had authored and edited as many as 12 books, primarily concerning maritime heritage of India. He has also written around 130 research papers on maritime studies in reputed national and international journals.


  1. The Indian Ocean and Its Islands: Strategic, Scientific and Historical Perspectives (1992),
  2. Essays in Maritime Studies (1998),
  3. Heritage of Indian Sea Navigation (2002),
  4. Chola Navigation Package (2004),
  5. Essays in Maritime Studies Vol II (2004),
  6. Mumbai by the Sea (2005),
  7. Navigational Hazards, Landmark and Early Charting Special Study of Konkan and South Gujarat (2007)
  8. Navigation Environment of Ancient and Mediaeval Ports of Tamilaham (2008),
  9. Indian Boat Designs and Forms (2009),
  10. Maritime Heritage of Southern Peninsular India (2010),
  11. Maritime Heritage of Lakshadweep and Minicoy Islands (2011), &
  12. Maritime Heritage of Goa and Uttar Kannada (2012).


  1. Indian prelude to British cadastral and revenue maps

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