Friday, February 8, 2008

what my site will contain

Maratha Navy

  • National Navy(Swarajya Aarmar) 1659 - 1708
  • Navy of Angre of Colaba 1708 - 1839
  • Fleet of Gaikwad of Baroda
  • Fleet of Peshwa at Bassien 1739 - 1774, 1782 - 1817
  • Fleet of Peshwa at Vijaydurg 1757 -1818
  • Fleet of Chhatrapati of Kolhapur at Malvan, HQ Sindhudurg 1731 - 1812
  • Fleet of Sawant of Wadi, HQ Redi - 1812

Biographies of Maratha Admirals
Types of Warships & Merchant Ships
Working of the Navy
Primary Tactics & Strategies
Contemporary Naval Powers

  • Portuguese
  • Siddis (Tiger of Konkan Coast)
  • Mughals
  • British
  • The East India Company's Marine(1612 - 1686)
  • Bombay Marine (1686 - 1830)
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Arabs of Muscat
  • Pirates!!!


  • Pre-Shivaji
  • Age of Shivaji
  • During war of Independence
  • Age of Angres
  • Post Angres



  • Melee
  • Firearms
  • On-Deck Artillery


  • Navy Ships
  • Naval Units
  • Naval Ranks



Zeital said...

The Persians were also contemporaries in terms of having a navy, and their naval tradition dates back to the Achaemenid era. However, the Persians never really developed their Navy into a very formidable force. They had to keep a check on Portuguese establishments of forts during the Safavid reign. However the Sultan of Gujarat, Ottomans and their allies the Mamluk Sultanate, (based in Egypt) briefly vied for a controlling presence in the Indian Ocean. After the Batlle of Diu, the Ottomans abandoned the Indian Ocean to Portuguese dominance, although the Kingdom of Aceh (part of Indonesia) would be an ally and protectorate of the Ottomans until the 1800’s, and support was provided for Sultanates based around the coastline of East Africa. The Sultanate of Oman had a naval presence stretching from East Africa to Gwador (a port located in Pakistan). In future the Portuguese in turn would be challenged by the Protestant Dutch (with their Dutch East India Company). Some food for thought when expanding on this interesting era of maritime history.

Anonymous said...

hey man why arent u updating ur site?