Monday, April 21, 2014

For the naysayers

This post is for those who think that Saving Vikrant is impractical.

This is the Mary Rose. She was the flagship of Henry VIII of England.

She sank in 1545 off the coast of England. And for 437 years remained at the bottom of the sea.

After years of searching, planning and preparations, it was salvaged on 11 Oct 1982.

About £ 35 million were spent on this project. About Rs 354 Crores in today's exchange rate.

For past 30 years jets have sprayed millions and millions of gallons of conserving fluids over the remains of Mary Rose.

And now, the jets have been turned off, and She'll be air-dried for years to remove 100 tons of water.

Rear Admiral John Lippiett, CE of Mary Rose Trust, has spent 10 years helping to raise funds to pay for the museum and conservation efforts.

Finally, last year, She got a permanent home at the Mary Rose Museum, costing £ 27 million, at Portmouth Historic Dockyard.

Even now you can save Vikrant. Sign the petition below.

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